Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter is a time to remember our faith and all the wonderful things in our life that have been provided for us. This Easter season we realize we are so grateful for all the challenges we have over come.

Justin recently went through a long interview process to receive a new promotion in the middle of considering a move to Seattle, Washington as well as the news that his company may be acquired by another bigger company. Today we are thankful for Justin's job and the hard work he does to provide such a great life for us. Today we are grateful and know that we cannot control all the other stuff. We are also grateful for the 3 years I have been able to work part time to have more time with Jackson but still able to work to contribute to our family financially. Even when it has been hard to be away I know I am lucky to have this flexible schedule!

We are also thankful for my health after a bit of scare early this year with my heart. Through this process we learned that my heart is healthy as ever and the wonderful surgeons who did my surgery 30 plus years ago really did an amazing job. I am so grateful for their gifts and talent that have allowed me to be so active and healthy.

We also feel so blessed to have a very happy and healthy little boy. Jackson is strong willed and independent at times. He has his momma's personality to be a wiggle worm and be hyper. At the same time he is sensitive and caring and just needs some snuggles and hugs to calm down after getting worked up. I am grateful for the days that we have the patience he needs from us and pray for more of that patience as we struggle through the rough days. I am certain Justin had no clue what he was getting into when he married me and then had a mini me for a child!

This Easter we celebrated with a "Good Friday Party" I know it is a little odd.. but we did a family meal at our home with my side of the family followed by egg dying. It was great to have everyone together. Today, on Easter Sunday we attended Mass and then enjoyed a fancy Easter Brunch at a nice restaurant with just the 3 of us. Of course the Easter Bunny made a visit and we enjoyed an egg hunt!
This is a tradition in our family. It is the "Lamb Guy" My mom and I make it every year (she bakes it- I decorate it and eat it). Jackson helped decorate our lamb this year.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skateboard Park

Jackson and Justin hit the skateboard park together for the first time today. Jackson did so great on his scooter. It is so funny to watch Justin learn to ride a skateboard when he is almost 35! Jackson would go up a ramp and then ride down- each time going higher up the ramp and faster down. He would call it a "trick." They really had fun.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Transportation Museum with Max and Zoey

St. Louis has so many fun kid friendly things to do. While we were in town for Auntie Em's wedding we spent some fun time with Max and Zoey. The transportation museum was so much fun!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emily and Ben's Wedding

Just a few pictures from this weekend as we celebrated Ben and Em's special day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opening Day....

Deanna Rose Farmstead opening day that is... (AKA the Farm). Jackson took me to the Farm to celebrate my birthday. He had a great time and we were able to meet up with our good friends- Alli, Brody and Mason.

We love this place.