Thursday, July 28, 2011

The many faces of Jackson

I have realized that we just don't seem to take many pictures of Jackson anymore, yet he still changes so quickly. His personality is changing more then his appearance. I know we are biased but he just seems to be one of the cutest little men around. The conversations he has with us are so fun and I love every minute I get to be his mom. Sometimes I look at him and see myself in him which is funny and scary at the same time. He truly is the best of both Justin and I.

Recently I received a promotion at work... with a kinda fancy title. In June I became the Director of Social Services at American Adoptions. Although I love that I am growing in my career going back to work more has been really hard. I am lucky to have some great people at work that balance out some of the hard pieces of my job, while still having some wonderful friends out of the office that help keep me balanced outside of that crazy place. I would love to just hang out everyday with Jackson, but I hope that by working hard we can provide all the little and big things for him while still finding a balance. Nothing is perfect- except our little guy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Funny Words

I was walking into the house and telling Jackson it was time to come in soon. He responded... "Yeah Mom whatever you say."

Justin and Jackson were yet another sticker chart for sleep. Jackson said "Get my markers Dad, I don't want to argue about it."


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Outside Fun July 2011

Jackson often helps Justin do yard work. We recently purchased a whole package of lawn tools which we are giving to Jackson as rewards aka surprises. We use sticker charts often to work on sleep and happy mornings.

His first lawn tool is a weed eater aka weed beater

Also it has been so HOT here in Kansas! So we have been playing in the sprinkler a bit. Of course Jackson wants us to play with him... I didn't mind. The little things you get to do as a Mom are the best.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Trip to the movies!

Over the 4th of July hot weekend we decided to take Jackson to his first movie! We choose Cars 2- gotta love Mater and Lightening McQueen. Jackson did pretty good but with all the previews it was a long time to seat in the theater.... We didn't make it all the way to the end! It was a fun "first" for sure.


One of Jackson's favorite things to do is work on projects with Justin. Normally whenever there is a house project we just make sure Jackson has the same tools and he is great to help.

Lately we have been working on updating some fixtures in our home- little projects but fun to Jackson. He loves to be with Justin and follows everything he does.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Funny Things Jackson Says

I just want to document a few funny things this guy says.

Jumpoline= trampoline

Mess me up Dad = wrestle with me

Weebeater = weed eater (He uses a snow brush for the car as a weed eater)

Jackson what do you want when you get bigger?
"I want a truck with a trailer and a standing mow mow"
"With 5 standing mow mows, a riding mow mow and a ramp"

"Is that enough" He will say this several times when we leave or he goes to bed.