Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Fall Day

Jackson and I enjoyed a very busy Saturday. Justin has the flu so Jackson and I enjoyed our fun packed day just the two of us!

We started our day with a Halloween Party at our church! Jackson was a little unsure of the costumes and craziness, luckily after a few donut holes he was ready for fun. Below is a picture of Jackson with Jackie- she is 20 months old and had the same costume. They seriously looked like twins from the back- it was crazy! They were the same size with the same blond hair! We hope to see them again!

No Fall day is complete without some fun in the leaves. It was perfect weather outside so we enjoyed running through the leaves!

Later in the afternoon we had a few friends over! Including a scary lion (Logan) and a sweet little one (Dalton), also another friend of friends little Audry! It was really great to chat up with friends. We then headed out to NIGHT AT THE LIVING FARM at Deanna Rose. It was a fun event. We took a "non scary" hay ride and enjoyed running around Deanna Rose at night.

Hopefully Justin feels better soon. Tomorrow will be another crazy day with Mom and Jackson time for sure!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Traditions....

My parents bought a bunch of land and built a new house after I left home... how convenient. This weekend our family was really able to enjoy some of the best things about living in the middle of nowhere outside of a small town- a bonfire and parade!!!

We started a new tradition this year we are hopeful to do year after year and add family and friends. We headed to Warrensburg for UCM Homecoming. It is a fun event the whole town gets excited about. They have a huge parade on Saturday morning with lots of marching bands and floats! It was a lot of fun and not too chilly!

Later in the day on Saturday we built a bonfire! My dad and Justin had trimmed back some trees so we needed to burn some brush. We were able to enjoy some smores also! Jackson was a little unsure of the goey marshmallows but he enjoy running around and throwing his marshmallow stick to the ground. The next project for my dad is to build an official "campfire pit" with logs around the bonfire circle and all. Justin has plans to go camping with Jackson one day! I have plans to sit and enjoy drinks while watching Justin try to figure out how to set up a tent and get Jackson to sleep in it all night- the future should be fun!

Of course, no trip to Warrensburg is complete without a tractor ride. Jackson enjoyed some tractor rides on the small tractor as it was just too wet for the big one. It was a fun weekend for sure. Lots to look forward to as we start new traditions!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We made the most of a wonderful cool October morning today. We visited KC Pumpkin Patch in Gardner, Kansas. It was so much fun for our family. We ventured out last year but Jackson was not able to do much so we really enjoyed all the activities this year. The list of fun stuff to do goes on and on.

We first tried the Giant Pillow. Jackson was a little nervous at first then he loved it!

Jackson then enjoyed visiting some farm animals and playing in a corn box with tractors.

We also enjoyed a tractor drawn wagon ride and also another tractor drawn ride. It was hard to explain to Jackson why he could not ride up front on the tractors like he does with Poppy. He also asked for Poppy a few times. Justin commented we should bring him to a Tractor Patch instead of a Pumpkin Patch.
Justin also shot some paintball guns, we went down several fun slides and even enjoyed a funnel cake. It really was a great time. We of course brought home a few orange friends to carve on Halloween.