Sunday, August 30, 2009

Madness at the Van Gundy's

On Thursday my brother and his family of five arrived from Minnesota. His wife, Gretchen along with their three girls; Carlie (5); Kenzie, (2); and Camrie (1) all crawled out of the van ready to enjoy fun times at our new home. It was a little bit of madness for sure. We enjoyed some time hanging out as well as trips to the park and Deanna Rose. We really had a great time. My parents also came up to hang out for the day on Saturday. Their family just left this morning and the silence is odd.

Jackson did pretty well sharing toys and seemed to really love all the chaos! I am not sure how anyone handles more then one child at a time! What an experience!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Love of the Grandpas

Jackson has a special love for his two grandfathers.

Poppy Wilferth AKA Pop Pop
Jackson loves being outside with Poppy on the tractor or with the dogs. Jackson also loves all of Poppy's toys. He just always goes to Poppy!

Papa Freddie Van Gundy AKA PaPa
Jackson loves going on walks and rides with Papa Freddie as well as helping him with projects. He is happy to be around Papa Freddie anytime!!

This weekend we enjoyed a quick last minute trip to Jefferson City to visit Justin's parents. We don't make it to Jefferson City very often but it is always a relaxing time. We were able to walk around downtown, see a train, enjoy some flowers and play play play while we were in town. It was a great visit.

We have lots of fun planned over the next few weeks! My brothers family is coming to stay with us then we head East to Baltimore to visit Justin's sister and her family. Good Times!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Double Fun!

We spent Friday enjoying some fun time together as a family. We made a trip to the Kansas City Zoo. We were able to see lots of different animal friends!!! Jackson did great at blowing kisses to the animals as well as waving bye bye as we left each one. He seems to really like Monkey's these days. He loved the Sea Lion show as well! We were also able to ride the tram, train and carousel! It really was a fun day. Here are a few pictures from our trip!

We also made a trip to the pool later that afternoon. Jackson loves the water. He enjoyed pushing Daddy over and being thrown in the air. Jackson seems to love summer time. He is growing so big and developing such a strong personality! He is becoming more and more independent as well. We love every minute. He seems to have really grown taller and is thinning out in the last few weeks. At this current time he is running away from Justin to avoid bath time :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Domestic Jackson

Some people are born to be domestic... I am not one of those people. I can however follow directions on a recipe with the reward of licking the beaters once the project is done. Tonight Jackson enjoyed watching some football with Daddy (GO CHIEFS) and then helped me in the kitchen to make some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. He loves to help do things around the house and making cookies was no exception! Now off to clean up the mess... my least favorite part.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Fun in the Sun

We have been busy having fun fun fun for the past few weeks. We spend so much time outside and we are enjoying the fabulous summer weather we are having in the Midwest. Jackson loves to be outside and gets pretty upset when we head inside for a meal, nap or bed! We have had lots of visitors at our new home! Jackson is full of hugs- which are more like attacks but he shares the love.

Enjoying some fun before splashing in the pool

We spend hours mowing the lawn!! Sometimes we mow Chewy- and unfortunately the neighbor's dog Bentley who is not as quick...

Meeting new Baby Zoe and enjoying time with some of Mom's good friends! Jackson was the life of the party, showing off muscles, giving hugs and dancing around non stop. He seemed to really be interested in Baby Zoe.

Also we are so close to Deanna Rose Farmstead! Jackson was going so fast and crazy on the horse. Just reminded me he is such a big boy. He plays so different now.
We also have had lots of time with Mimi and Poppy. Jackson's day care was closed a few days over the past 2 weeks. Mimi and Poppy (who are retired) were able to come up to help take care of Jackson. They only do this if I beg and plead and twist their arm... Or maybe if I just mention the words"Can you watch Jackson?" to which they jump up and down and ask when and where. We are super lucky they are close enough to do this. I know that Mimi and Freddie would do the same if they were a little closer!!