Monday, August 24, 2009

Love of the Grandpas

Jackson has a special love for his two grandfathers.

Poppy Wilferth AKA Pop Pop
Jackson loves being outside with Poppy on the tractor or with the dogs. Jackson also loves all of Poppy's toys. He just always goes to Poppy!

Papa Freddie Van Gundy AKA PaPa
Jackson loves going on walks and rides with Papa Freddie as well as helping him with projects. He is happy to be around Papa Freddie anytime!!

This weekend we enjoyed a quick last minute trip to Jefferson City to visit Justin's parents. We don't make it to Jefferson City very often but it is always a relaxing time. We were able to walk around downtown, see a train, enjoy some flowers and play play play while we were in town. It was a great visit.

We have lots of fun planned over the next few weeks! My brothers family is coming to stay with us then we head East to Baltimore to visit Justin's sister and her family. Good Times!

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