Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rockin' the 80's

Good times... last night we went to an 80's party and had a RAD time. No further explanation or story needed... we looked HOT (kinda)! Justin can deny it all he wants but he loved rockin' the Fanny pack.

Justin, Jason and Derrek

Jen, Megan and Sara

Friday, January 29, 2010


Jackson (and I) are lucky enough to have some good friends that we get to play with! Jackson really looks forward to play time with his friends and I am learning I have to be careful not to discuss visitors too early!

Logan and Jackson

Mason and Jackson

We also get to play with Lilly up to street as well as Evan (see previous blog posts). I am very grateful for the company and Jackson enjoys the fun!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bird Feeder Project

Justin and Jackson completed a project together this weekend. Jackson loves animals... particularly squirrels! So Justin thought to build a bird feeder... knowing squirrels would follow as well. We purchased a little kit that turned out to be a little less then perfect! Justin and Jackson built the bird feeder using a bang bang (aka Hammer), painted the feeder, hung it and filled it with bird seed. All were proud of the project.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Emotions of Jackson

Our little guy has become full of emotions and expressions. I guess this is just one of many things that I didn't think about when I thought about little people.

Lately one of Jackson's favorite things to do it pout... kind of. If he is sad, or if he knows he has done something wrong he will stick out his bottom lip and look down. He even is walking himself to "quiet time" sitting down and looking sad. He does not get in trouble often and when he does we simply walk over to quiet time to regroup. Recently as soon as I mention quiet time he just walks over and sits down all sad... I feel for him! He is also using sad to express he is hungry- which is an odd connection. It is amazing to see him start to communicate his thoughts and emotions.

When he is happy he bounces around the house and does a "yeeek noise" (wonder where he learned to do that?) When he is mad or wants to argue he puts his hands up to the side and talks back looking through the corners of his eyes. It really is a site to see!

Either way he is becoming more of an emotional guy. Currently we are on day 3 of a fever. Not really sure what is going on but lots of snuggles, fluids and Tylenol in our home.

We recently had some big doctors appointments....

Last week we visited the Cardiologist at Children's Mercy for yet another great report! Jackson has a Bi-Cuspid Aortic Value (instead of Tri-cuspid). It is not a big issue but something that will bring us back to the cardiologist once a year to make sure his heart is working right! Each year that we hear "no change" if a blessing!!! Our Cardiologist reports since he is so BIG and healthy she doubts we will see any complications in the future. I have to admit each year it is a scary morning for me.... I just know his little heart is perfect no matter what.

This week we attended our 2 year well child check up! Our growing boy weighted in at 33 pounds 11 ounces and 36 inches tall. He is in the 95th and 93rd precentile respectively! Aside from this little bug he is fighting the doctor said he was doing great! He has so many words in his vocabulary now as well. Justin was out of town for a few days and swears Jackson can communicate better now then 3 days ago!

These is just our little update. I will try to grab some pictures of Jackson's emotions!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tractor of a Good Time....

Today was Jackson's Big Tractor 2nd birthday party! Jackson loves tractors and everything about them, so we decided to do everything green with a little bit of yellow and enjoy some fun times celebrating. We filled our home with about 35 of our closest friends and family (those in the area at least!) and had a great time.

We started the day with a concert with Mr. Stinkyfeet. Jackson enjoyed the silly concert with 4 of his friends. Then we all headed to our home for lunch, cake, ice cream and a few fun games of pin the wheel on the tractor and also a tractor pinata.
Jackson enjoyed having all his friends around. He is super lucky to have such good buddies! His little friends who joined us today included Evan, Mason, Logan, Lily, Zoe, Cooper, Drake and Dalton as well as a few babies on the way... Baby Gilbert, Baby Kautio and Baby Baker! Along with all their parents! We also had both sets of grandparents along with Emmie and Bennie. THANKS EVERYONE for helping Jackson feel so special.

Here is a link to all the fun pictures of the day! Of course Jackson was very sad to see all his friends leave... see below as Jackson is sad as he reflects and says goodbye to his buddy Mason.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

Today our little guy is officially 2 years old. We can't believe it! Jackson and I started the day with a trip out to breakfast for bagels, YUM! We then headed out to Emerald City in Overland Park, KS for open parent -tot play gym. We met Jackson's friend Evan and his mom Laura for some fun times.
For dinner we celebrated at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. It was so fun! Jackson loved that Choo Choo Trains brought us dinner. It was a perfect night for our family. I even ordered an extra side of french fries so the train would come back around. This place is so great!

Jackson received some fun gifts which included a fire truck, a cash register and also a talking tonka truck!

This year Jackson learned so much...
Singing songs
Teasing Chewy
Being a con-artist (in a good way of course)

He had some amazing adventures as well....
Big Cider Lodge in Branson, MO
Baltimore, MD
As well as plenty of trips to visit Mimi and Poppy and Mimi and Papa.

We can't wait to see what the next year holds. Our hearts are so full.... Happy Birthday to our Baby Bear

Here is a link to our full album of pictures of the day! Also check the Jackson Live section for more fun videos to come!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Birthday Fun

After a much needed afternoon nap from the excitement of the morning, we headed out to Union Station in Downtown Kansas City. It was a fun event. They currently have some fun train models. Jackson loves "Choo Choo Trains." We watched some train models, walked around Union Station and also went to the Planetarium to see a Laser Light Show! We only stayed in the Laser show for about 15 minutes but it was fun!
Jackson continues to talk about the Choo Choo Trains! He loves the trains. Can't wait for tomorrow and his actual birthday celebration.... breakfast out with Mom, open gym, and a special dinner out with Mom and Dad!

Birthday Celebration begins....

Jackson will be 2 years old tomorrow. We cannot believe our little guy is growing and growing. We will be taking a few days to celebrate his birthday, why not!
Today we started with our traditional trip to the mall to Build A Bear and to ride the Carousel. This year he loved both events even more then the last year! Jackson picked a dog this year to stuff. He picked out the heart, helped stuff him and we picked out some fun new underwear for his new friend. His new dog is named Bubba. He also has a new monkey named Socks. His crew of stuffed animals in his bed is getting a little out of control! Jackson was excited to show Chewy his new dog when we arrived home.
Justin and I have been talking about what we were doing 2 years ago today... it has been fun to think about the amazing time in our life. Man, we love this little guy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Scavenger Hunt

Jackson participated in his first scavenger hunt which is a Van Gundy tradition. Justin's dad, Papa has created a scavenger hunt for Justin and his siblings each year for Christmas. This was the first year for Jackson to participate! Papa created a hunt special for him with Elmo cards and Quarters!! Jackson really caught on and was able to listen to the clue and find the next card. It was very fun to watch his little mind work.
We are in Jefferson City to celebrate Christmas, the New Year and Auntie Em's birthday for a few days.