Monday, January 4, 2010

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

Today our little guy is officially 2 years old. We can't believe it! Jackson and I started the day with a trip out to breakfast for bagels, YUM! We then headed out to Emerald City in Overland Park, KS for open parent -tot play gym. We met Jackson's friend Evan and his mom Laura for some fun times.
For dinner we celebrated at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. It was so fun! Jackson loved that Choo Choo Trains brought us dinner. It was a perfect night for our family. I even ordered an extra side of french fries so the train would come back around. This place is so great!

Jackson received some fun gifts which included a fire truck, a cash register and also a talking tonka truck!

This year Jackson learned so much...
Singing songs
Teasing Chewy
Being a con-artist (in a good way of course)

He had some amazing adventures as well....
Big Cider Lodge in Branson, MO
Baltimore, MD
As well as plenty of trips to visit Mimi and Poppy and Mimi and Papa.

We can't wait to see what the next year holds. Our hearts are so full.... Happy Birthday to our Baby Bear

Here is a link to our full album of pictures of the day! Also check the Jackson Live section for more fun videos to come!

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Sara said...

So great! Happy Birthday Jackson - can't wait for another big celebration :)