Sunday, January 3, 2010

Birthday Celebration begins....

Jackson will be 2 years old tomorrow. We cannot believe our little guy is growing and growing. We will be taking a few days to celebrate his birthday, why not!
Today we started with our traditional trip to the mall to Build A Bear and to ride the Carousel. This year he loved both events even more then the last year! Jackson picked a dog this year to stuff. He picked out the heart, helped stuff him and we picked out some fun new underwear for his new friend. His new dog is named Bubba. He also has a new monkey named Socks. His crew of stuffed animals in his bed is getting a little out of control! Jackson was excited to show Chewy his new dog when we arrived home.
Justin and I have been talking about what we were doing 2 years ago today... it has been fun to think about the amazing time in our life. Man, we love this little guy!

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Alli Garlich said...

Can't believe it either! Seems like just the other day that he was being born! Can't wait to celebrate on Saturday!