Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jensen 3 months

Jensen is 3 months old.  He is a sweet and happy little guy.  At 3 months he is smiling and laughing.  He is able to hold onto toys, hold up his head and loves to kick.  He is also able to "stand" when being held.

Jensen is not sleeping through the night yet but he is doing great to take naps.  He loves to be swaddled, have his pacifier and then easily puts himself to sleep.  He just started attending daycare.  He is at an in home daycare while I work. He has transitioned pretty well but seems to wake up more at night now that he is away from us all day.

We love him and he seems to really enjoy Jackson! Our family is complete!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jensen's Baptism

We celebrated Jensen's Baptism on July 15 at our parish, Ascension Catholic Church.  We celebrated with both our parents, my brother and his family and my dearest friend Alli.  We choose Alli Garlich- my closest friend and my brother JJ to be the godparents.  We are very grateful for their love and support.  Jensen did so wonderful throughout the baptism and even fell asleep.  He did not cry at all!

Jensen is now 3 months old and is a very sweet baby.  He smiles often especially for Justin.  He falls asleep easy and loves to snuggle with us.  He is not sleeping through the night yet, but at least he is taking good naps through the day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family Fun

We are coming to the end of a week long vacation.  Well... I should say Justin was on vacation from work and I am still home on maternity leave... for a few more days.  We enjoyed a fun trip to STL to visit family and have some fun.  We have been spending time together at home as well.  It really has been perfect to all be together.  Our family feel so complete and full.  We could not be happier!
Zoo Fun...

 Oliver (1 month) Miles (5 months) and Jensen (2 months)
 Van Gundy Nadaud Stockwell Family