Friday, September 7, 2012

A date with Jackson

Today Justin and I picked up Jackson before lunch and took him on a special adventure.  We wanted to try to do something special with him.  Luckily my parents were able to watch Jensen. 

First, we headed to Fritz's.  Which is a fun classic must do in Kansas City if you have little people.  The food is delivered by trains... it is super fun.

We then headed to Legoland, which is new to Kansas City.  Jackson is really loving little legos these days.  It was a the prefect time to visit Legoland as it was not busy at all!! It was super fun and nice to spend some time with him.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jensen 3 months

Jensen is 3 months old.  He is a sweet and happy little guy.  At 3 months he is smiling and laughing.  He is able to hold onto toys, hold up his head and loves to kick.  He is also able to "stand" when being held.

Jensen is not sleeping through the night yet but he is doing great to take naps.  He loves to be swaddled, have his pacifier and then easily puts himself to sleep.  He just started attending daycare.  He is at an in home daycare while I work. He has transitioned pretty well but seems to wake up more at night now that he is away from us all day.

We love him and he seems to really enjoy Jackson! Our family is complete!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jensen's Baptism

We celebrated Jensen's Baptism on July 15 at our parish, Ascension Catholic Church.  We celebrated with both our parents, my brother and his family and my dearest friend Alli.  We choose Alli Garlich- my closest friend and my brother JJ to be the godparents.  We are very grateful for their love and support.  Jensen did so wonderful throughout the baptism and even fell asleep.  He did not cry at all!

Jensen is now 3 months old and is a very sweet baby.  He smiles often especially for Justin.  He falls asleep easy and loves to snuggle with us.  He is not sleeping through the night yet, but at least he is taking good naps through the day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family Fun

We are coming to the end of a week long vacation.  Well... I should say Justin was on vacation from work and I am still home on maternity leave... for a few more days.  We enjoyed a fun trip to STL to visit family and have some fun.  We have been spending time together at home as well.  It really has been perfect to all be together.  Our family feel so complete and full.  We could not be happier!
Zoo Fun...

 Oliver (1 month) Miles (5 months) and Jensen (2 months)
 Van Gundy Nadaud Stockwell Family

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First JVG4 Royals Game

We headed out to the ballpark today!  Jackson and Jensen had a great time... well Jackson had a great time and Jensen was a great baby who slept or hung out quietly!  Justin wore Jensen in the Bjorn and got lots of attention from the ladies.

We look forward to many more days at the ballpark!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Jensen is now almost 6 weeks old.  He is growing bigger and stronger each day!  He is over 11 pounds now.  We are watching for smiles to start any day.  Jackson is a great big brother.  He always asks where Jensen is and is often happy to help.  he gets a little "crazy" at times to get our attention but overall we are starting to get into a routine.  Lots of different things happening at our home, but we are getting through the tough times and ready to enjoy a busy summer!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jensen Michael

Jensen Michael
10:03am  April 19, 2012
7 pounds 6.8 ounces
18 1/4 inches long

The story....
We arrived at the hospital at 615am on Thursday morning, April 19.  We got all checked in and settled in our room. We quickly learned our scheduled c-section would be delayed due to another surgery.  We patiently waited!  Of course during this time Baby J's heart rate dropped a little so we had to be wheeled back instead of my hopeful plan to literally hop onto the operating table! 

Everything went great with the surgery.  Dr. Mitchell did a great job and Jensen came out crying right away.  Justin was able to stay with him in the operating room with me.  Then I was able to finally hold him and be wheeled back to our room together.  We were so excited to share the name and news of our newest addition with family.  The first person we called was BIG BRO Jackson.  We then called parents and siblings.  Unfortunately I got pretty sick for about 2 hours after surgery... but did better and we all enjoyed a busy day of visitors.

Jackson was the first to meet Jensen and did great to give hugs and kisses.  Jackson was a little unsure of me in a hospital bed... but did better seeing me the next day normal again.

Jensen and I have been hanging out this afternoon listening to music and just relaxing as Justin hits the gym.  We had a great visit with Jackson and Justin's parents today as well as some friends.  We truly feel blessed.

Funny things to remember:
Jensen has easily sneezed 20 plus times within the first 24 hours.
Jackson keeps forgetting his name... although we think by now he remembers!
Jensen slept great the first night in the hospital!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The end of the pregnancy and things I don't want to forget

We are just days away from meeting Baby J. We will go in at 615am on Thursday, April 19 to have a c-section. The end or this pregnancy has been a little complicated.

At my 37 week appointment we had a sonogram to check on the size of the baby. At this appointment we learned that my amniotic fluid level was really low. This is bad for Baby J because he needs this fluid to breath in my tummy. (I had this same problem when I was pregnant with Jackson) So after a few other tests it was determined he was not in any stress so I was sent home on strict bed rest. The doctor did not want to do a csection that early just in case his lungs were not ready. I went back the next day for the same tests where we learned my fluid levels went up a little bit. So I was sent home again on strict bed rest. I went back again a few days later and my levels were even higher.... so I have been on bed rest since 37 weeks. It has worked well and my levels are where they need to be and Baby J has gotten to grow a bit bigger and stronger. All worth it, although I have not been the best person to be on bed rest.
Luckily my work has been amazing, letting me work shorter hours and getting me all set up on a couch in my office. So although I was a little grouchy at times it all worked out for the best. Jackson has done pretty well and of course Justin has had to help out a lot more which he has been great to do!

Now the sweet stories.... for the most part Jackson has been really excited and sweet the last few weeks. He is 4 and falls apart from time to time. It seems he can tell things are going to change and is a little clingy to me.

He has been very funny to try to think up names for the baby. He will make up a random "J" word and then he will ask if that is the baby's name? He also will put his hand on my tummy and say..."do you feel that? I think that is his bottom?" He often talks about what jobs he gets to do with the baby so we are hopeful he will be a big helper.

The sweetest story has been Jackson's concern for me. On several occasions he has said "I want you to be part of the group." He is very concerned that I will be the only girl in the house. I reassure him I am happy to be the only girl and that I know I will always have 3 great boys to help take care of me. He still seems very concerned. He will end the conversation by saying "You can still be my best friend."
38 weeks

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent Easter at home this year. Justin's parents traveled to us and we also were able to spend some time with my family. Just a nice weekend!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby J's Nursery

Baby J's nursery is all done and ready for our newest little guy... we are all getting excited. We have about 8 weeks left! I know it is going to go so fast and our lives are going to change so much.
The Tree- came in a million pieces- took 6 hours to put up. Justin did most of it but Jackson and I also both helped. We are super happy with the way it turned out!
The "art" This was something I found and loved... I could have bought about 4 other cute ones too... They say "Someday I'll have Big Muscles" and "Someday I'll be somebody's Prince Charming."
The crib skirt- I made it! I even went a little rouge on the directions and it actually turned out well! It is actually reversible too...
The Curtains- half way home made... I put the trim on them to match the crib skirt.
The blank wall.... We have two brown birds and the name to put on this wall... we will put it up once we are home... keeping the name a surprise! I am actually doing really well with this secret (for once).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun Fun Events

We have been busy attending some fun events! We figure we should get some big kid stuff in before Baby J comes.
We went to Sesame Street Live at Sprint Center.
We also went to Monster Jam at Sprint Center. Complete with Pit Passes we were able to walk down on the dirt and were able to get real close to the MONSTER TRUCKS! They really are huge and more that they are big... they are LOUD. We had a really good time.
This is Monster Mutt; he was our favorite!

Two totally different events....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maui Wowie

We went on a trip to Maui in January! Here are the details...
Justin received an awesome award at work... Peak Achievement Award. People are nominated by other co workers and then selected by senior leaders. It is about 200 employees of the thousands across the entire company of TMobile. It really is a huge deal, once in a lifetime award and was such a big honor for Justin. By far this is the biggest award you can receive at TMobile! Justin is so modest but this really was great recognition for the amazing hard work he puts in at Tmobile.
So the reward for the award... an all expense paid trip to Maui for 2!!! Luckily Justin picked me to go with him.... So we made plans for Jackson to be in great hands and Justin and I packed for 6 nights away from home. This was the longest we had been away from Jackson... luckily it did not phase him one bit! He stayed with Mimi and Poppy and really enjoyed his time.

We were treated fabulously while in Maui. We stayed at the Sheraton Maui Resort, were greeted with new shade from Maui Jim on the second day and fed great meals all week. We got to go on a snorkel and sailing excursion and also a traditional Luau. We also rented a jeep and made the journey to Hana down a winding road through the rain forest. It was perfect! The weather in Maui was about 80 degrees each day. We loved every moment and truly relaxed. This time of year is special in Maui as it is Whale season... yes... humpback whales travel from Alaska to Maui each January through March. It was so fun to see them just flopping around in the water about 100 yards off the shore. Not to mention a few other fun events- a wonderful dinner out (date night in Maui rocks), Justin "cliff jumping" and lots of time by the pool.

This was a once in a life time experience that we will never forget!
Of course baby J was with us... I was 26 weeks pregnant on this trip- we did great!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jackson's 4th Birthday

Jackson is 4! This was his golden birthday turning 4 on January 4th!
We had a week long of celebrations. Of course- this is how it should be!

We started with our family celebration which included a trip to Dave and Busters to play some games and then lunch at TRex. While waiting for our table at TRex- Jackson was able to "Build a Dino" He created Super Dino. Which went along great with our birthday theme this year- Super Heroes.

On his actual birthday he had preschool- so Justin and I both enjoyed lunch with Jackson at school- a Happy Meal of course. He then shared firetruck cookies with his friends. Wefinished the day with Chick Fil A for dinner and opened gifts. His gift from us this year was playmobile toys... which he really seems to like. Yes- Jackson choose to dress up and wear a tie on his 4th birthday....
The weekend after his birthday was full of fun as Justin's family came in and stayed at our home for the weekend. We also had a big family pizza party at our home with both sides for a total of 18 people. Jackson also had his BIG birthday party. This year we held his party at Blue Valley Park and Rec- he had fun in the play gym and eating cake and snacks with friends and family. We are so grateful for everyone who helped us celebrate!