Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The end of the pregnancy and things I don't want to forget

We are just days away from meeting Baby J. We will go in at 615am on Thursday, April 19 to have a c-section. The end or this pregnancy has been a little complicated.

At my 37 week appointment we had a sonogram to check on the size of the baby. At this appointment we learned that my amniotic fluid level was really low. This is bad for Baby J because he needs this fluid to breath in my tummy. (I had this same problem when I was pregnant with Jackson) So after a few other tests it was determined he was not in any stress so I was sent home on strict bed rest. The doctor did not want to do a csection that early just in case his lungs were not ready. I went back the next day for the same tests where we learned my fluid levels went up a little bit. So I was sent home again on strict bed rest. I went back again a few days later and my levels were even higher.... so I have been on bed rest since 37 weeks. It has worked well and my levels are where they need to be and Baby J has gotten to grow a bit bigger and stronger. All worth it, although I have not been the best person to be on bed rest.
Luckily my work has been amazing, letting me work shorter hours and getting me all set up on a couch in my office. So although I was a little grouchy at times it all worked out for the best. Jackson has done pretty well and of course Justin has had to help out a lot more which he has been great to do!

Now the sweet stories.... for the most part Jackson has been really excited and sweet the last few weeks. He is 4 and falls apart from time to time. It seems he can tell things are going to change and is a little clingy to me.

He has been very funny to try to think up names for the baby. He will make up a random "J" word and then he will ask if that is the baby's name? He also will put his hand on my tummy and say..."do you feel that? I think that is his bottom?" He often talks about what jobs he gets to do with the baby so we are hopeful he will be a big helper.

The sweetest story has been Jackson's concern for me. On several occasions he has said "I want you to be part of the group." He is very concerned that I will be the only girl in the house. I reassure him I am happy to be the only girl and that I know I will always have 3 great boys to help take care of me. He still seems very concerned. He will end the conversation by saying "You can still be my best friend."
38 weeks

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Alli Garlich said...

so stinking sweet - can't wait to meet Baby J in 36 hours!!