Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jackson's 4th Birthday

Jackson is 4! This was his golden birthday turning 4 on January 4th!
We had a week long of celebrations. Of course- this is how it should be!

We started with our family celebration which included a trip to Dave and Busters to play some games and then lunch at TRex. While waiting for our table at TRex- Jackson was able to "Build a Dino" He created Super Dino. Which went along great with our birthday theme this year- Super Heroes.

On his actual birthday he had preschool- so Justin and I both enjoyed lunch with Jackson at school- a Happy Meal of course. He then shared firetruck cookies with his friends. Wefinished the day with Chick Fil A for dinner and opened gifts. His gift from us this year was playmobile toys... which he really seems to like. Yes- Jackson choose to dress up and wear a tie on his 4th birthday....
The weekend after his birthday was full of fun as Justin's family came in and stayed at our home for the weekend. We also had a big family pizza party at our home with both sides for a total of 18 people. Jackson also had his BIG birthday party. This year we held his party at Blue Valley Park and Rec- he had fun in the play gym and eating cake and snacks with friends and family. We are so grateful for everyone who helped us celebrate!

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