Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We made the most of a wonderful cool October morning today. We visited KC Pumpkin Patch in Gardner, Kansas. It was so much fun for our family. We ventured out last year but Jackson was not able to do much so we really enjoyed all the activities this year. The list of fun stuff to do goes on and on.

We first tried the Giant Pillow. Jackson was a little nervous at first then he loved it!

Jackson then enjoyed visiting some farm animals and playing in a corn box with tractors.

We also enjoyed a tractor drawn wagon ride and also another tractor drawn ride. It was hard to explain to Jackson why he could not ride up front on the tractors like he does with Poppy. He also asked for Poppy a few times. Justin commented we should bring him to a Tractor Patch instead of a Pumpkin Patch.
Justin also shot some paintball guns, we went down several fun slides and even enjoyed a funnel cake. It really was a great time. We of course brought home a few orange friends to carve on Halloween.


Peggy Van Gundy said...

Your pictures and stories keep getting better. Looks like such fun!

Sara said...

So fun! Must have been Pumpkin Patch weekend - we did the same thing. This age is so fun...!