Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just an update!

Things have been crazy so the blogging has been limited! Jackson has been on antibiotics to fight ear infections- we think he is almost back to himself after 5 weeks of being sick! Justin is still working like crazy! Jackson and I have all our Christmas shopping done, he is a great helper- most of the time. He has recently learned how to pull clothes off of hangers as we cruise by in the store. So maybe he has not be that great of a helper! Chewy got a new hair cut. He always looks like a goof for a few days-ok he always looks like a goof but extra goofy for a short period after a hair cut. I have my car back after beign without it for a month! Good as new to me!
Also the most exciting is that Jackson has been standing by himself for short periods of time. The longest has been about 5 seconds. it is so crazy to see him just stand there!

Hope everyone is doing great. Here is a picture from tonight- notice Chewy and his haircut in the background!! Chewy and and Jackson seem to be playing a lot more together- it is hilarious to watch Jackson head butt Chewy!

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