Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hangin In There

We have made it through the week and are hoping for sunnier days to come! Justin got a promotion!! YEAH! With this promotion comes more travel. It started a little sooner then we expected with him learning late last week he would be in Lubbock, TX from Tuesday until late Saturday of this week. This just happened to be a rough week for Jackson and I. I had a bad cold that was just not getting better... found out I had a sinus infection. Later that day I broke my back tooth eating a sucker... went to the dentist and had a hard time numbing my mouth to get it fixed. A few days later Jackson started to act different... went to the pediatrician... he has double ear infections, upper respiratory infection and to top it all off has four back teeth breaking through. Add to that I am still working full time and having a hard time at work as it is. Also Justin's uncle passed away this week (he was not in good health but unexpected) . So today after a rough start to our morning we have been doing well. Jackson is a sweet guy who is pretty easy to take care of. He has certain times of the day he just needs to snuggle and be close, so I am learning when he can play on his own and when he needs me there! My Dad was able to come up and take care of Jackson on Friday and stayed around to take us out to dinner. It was nice to have the company.

I think I learn more about myself each week as I take care of Jackson. He is so patient as I learn exactly how to do this Mom thing! It will be nice to have Justin home. He has had a good trip for work and is getting to know his new boss.

Justin is now the Branded Sales and Operation Manager supporting Vision Wireless in KC and Denver. He is still working for T-Mobile. Justin is very excited and happy with this new position. He has worked so hard! He has received many compliments as he has is transitioning, he will be missed as a District Manager of Kansas City. Justin will be in Denver every other week for a few days with his new position. We are excited and grateful he was able to get a promotion especially in a time so many people are not as fortunate.

As you can see Jackson finds a way to smile through it all, it seems he is teaching me as much as I am teaching him.

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