Saturday, June 20, 2009


Life has been full of sleepless nights at the Van Gundy home. We recently accepted an offer on our town home which has been on the market for 2 years!!! We had the inspection and everything is on the right path! Now we are looking for a new home without much luck! We actually have one home we really like right now... but the offer has not been put in just yet. We will keep you all posted. Justin and I have not been sleeping the best.

Jackson has been doing well. He lays in his bed at night and stares at us as we rub his hair and talk with him It is the sweetest thing. Justin snapped some photos the other night. you ill notice he has a few more friends in bed with him these days. He has his Big Blue Bunny my parents got him for Easter, Big Al, 2 blankies and another small quilt Auntie Em had made for him out of the bridesmaids dress from our wedding.

See his goofy grin as he laughs at the flashing camera!

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Nem said...

SOOO cute! That little guy always makes me smile :)