Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baltimore Trip 2009

We just returned from a fabulous trip to Baltimore! The best part was visiting Alison, Josh and Maxwell but we also got to see some neat stuff along the way!!! Jackson did pretty well on the 2 and half hour flight and enjoyed seeing all the planes!


We also enjoyed a fun day at Port Discovery Kids Museum which is by far the coolest place we have been to play with Jackson! We also enjoyed a trip to the Tot Lot which is this huge random playground in the middle of this neighborhood of row houses. Also a fun outdoor concert and excellent food!

Jackson and Maxwell played pretty well together except when Jackson would hit Maxwell and take every toy he wanted to play with!

After the boys went to bed we enjoyed fabulous dinners each night- Fajitas and margs, Crabfest 2009, yum Pizza and fabulous wings!!!

Please check out the fun video of the boys in the Jackson Live section to the right!
Also for click here for more pictures!

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Sara said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! The boys look so cute together! :)