Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Our Holidays are nice, relaxing and WHITE so far. The one bump in the road has been that Justin's parents have not been able to travel yet. We are hopeful they will arrive in Overland Park tomorrow to spend some time with our family.

We started Christmas Eve with baking some cookies.... I let Jackson get ahold the jar of peanut butter for some odd reason....

My Parents soon arrived from Warrensburg and we headed out to our local Community Center/ Recreation Complex where they have an awesome open gym set up. Justin and I could not decide who had more fun... Jackson or us! It was a great time running and jumping.

We attended Christmas Eve mass as a family as well. As we walked out of church we quickly realized the weather reports of a "blizzard" were true. Normally they like to talk drama... but they were right on this time! UGH!

So we headed home to enjoy my family's tradition... LOBSTER on Christmas Eve. My Dad is from Massachusetts so we really enjoy getting live lobsters and steaming them ourselves. They really were fabulous this year. Jackson was not sure what to think.... he kept calling them "BUGS"

Of course no Christmas Eve in our home is complete without reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and putting out some cookies for Santa! Christmas morning we woke up and enjoys gifts and relaxing times. Jackson got some great new toys.

Jackson and Justin enjoyed some fun out in the snow, although it was just too cold!!!

We feel so lucky this year. We are very thankful and so happy we have our new home to celebrate in! We cannot imagine what the next year holds for us.... but we are so excited. Right now we are just hopeful the snow stops so we can enjoy some fun with the rest of our family. Although it is nice having Mimi and Poppy trapped here.... I have gotten so much more done!

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