Thursday, February 11, 2010


Lately things have been up in the air in the Van Gundy home. I probably think life is more unpredictable then it really is but things seem to just be a little stressful. We have accomplished some tasks... finding a preschool for Jackson in the Fall, while other tasks are still up in the air. Our current dilemma is we are not sure who is going to care for Jackson this summer. The stress comes in creating too many transitions while also hoping to potty train him this spring/ summer so he can actually go to preschool.

Wednesday starts the season of Lent. This is a great time for our family (mostly me) to focus on what is important, to let go of things out of our control and to just have faith. I would not say I am a religious person but I do hope that I can find faith in the coming weeks as we make some hard decisions. I also hope I can let go of some of the things that have caused some hurt along the way. I might also add as Lent comes to an end it is my 30th birthday- UGH. So I think I am just looking at my life and sorting out what I really want to keep and let go of...

My goal over the next 40 days is for our family to focus on our family! I hope we can just take some time to enjoy the important things in life together. I personally am giving up Facebook. Facebook is not something that brings me joy but rather just gives me one more thing to think about. I also am planning family meals together more regularly and special treats to enjoy... like an extra trip to get ice cream, a date night or even some extra time on a walk.

Such a serious post... but some insight into how things will hopefully get better!!!


The Frenchs said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm not sure if you remember me from Bible study with Lauren, but email me,, if you are interested in my babysitter. Ellie goes there during the school year, she's fantastic!

Chloe said...

Great post! Even though I don't have a child, but big J and I are a 'family' and I feel the same way. Sometimes we need to get rid of the 'static' in our lifes and focus on all of the other wonderful things around us :) Good luck with the big decisions.