Monday, May 24, 2010

On the mend....

Jackson has a little virus. It is our first time with "SPOTS" so it was a little concerning when accompanied by a fever of 102 for a few days. He is on the mend for sure.
This is the other day when he was feeling the worst,
but I am pretty sure he was comfortable at least.

This is our last week that Jackson will be going to Kerri's house. Kerri has been watching Jackson for a little over a year and a half. He loves being there and has been spoiled as the only one she watches along with her 4 year old and 7 year old who are at school or preschool most of the time Jackson is with them. Jackson is only in daycare three days a week. This summer he will get to spend time with "BrodyMason" (yes it is one word but means 3 people), "Gretchen" which means Auntie Gretchen and Jackson's three cousins and Mimi and Poppy. He will attend "big kids school" in the fall.

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Sara said...

So sad :( Hope everyone is feeling better!!!