Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Years

Jackson relaxing on New Year's Eve!!!

This year we celebrated by having over our good friends the Dipple family. Jackson and their little guy Logan are the same age and get along really well. We just ordered some pizza and visited. We did not make it until midnight! As you can see Jackson was relaxing and enjoying some of his new toys.

Our biggest struggles this year has been Justin's non-stop travel for work and Jackson's on going battle with sleep. Our biggest joys have been watching Jackson laugh, grow and learn so much. It was a big year of potty training, moving to a big boy bed and becoming conversational for Jackson. For Justin and I it was a year of growth as parents and figuring this marriage thing out 5 years later!! We know through all the ups and downs that we are lucky to have such a good foundation in each other and our family and friends

Lots of happiness in 2010! We are hopeful to be just as lucky in 2011.

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