Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boys Weekend

While I was out of town this weekend Jackson and Justin had a great time! They started the weekend with Fish Fry at our church where Jackson ate 4 pieces of pizza and Justin commented they should consider not letting "kids eat free." On Saturday they went to the gym, enjoyed a puppet show production of "Jack and the Bean Stock", went to church and then rode bikes to dinner (almost getting stuck in the rain). On Sunday they went to the gym (again) and then Justin took Jackson on a 3 plus mile bike ride. They both had so much fun. I missed them so much but I am so happy for their bonding time. They say they missed me but......
Also Jackson has a bad cough so they didn't get much sleep but did enjoy cuddles on the couch while catching some basketball games!

I am pretty sure he grew up a ton in the 48 hours I was gone.

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