Monday, May 25, 2009

Jackson, the snake hunter!!!

Justin thought he would introduce Jackson to all things boys this weekend... mostly playing with SNAKES!! We were in Jefferson City with Justin's family. It was a great trip with Jackson as the center of attention and the best entertainment. We loved spending time with Justin's parents and sister as well as getting to meet Emily's new boyfriend, Ben.

Justin found a snake... although he is afraid of them he thought it would be great to let Jackson play with one. Jackson picked up the snake off the ground and then put the snake in his mouth. All I heard was Justin and Ben yelling... NO!!! Luckily Jackson did not eat the snake.

We enjoyed lots of fun activities such as ice cream, wagon rides, a tricycle and playing in the water. Jackson is a little young for the sprinklers but loved water guns. He also enjoyed his first trip to Central Dairy!

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