Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Jackson helped picked out a fabulous new SLR camera for me this Mother's Day. We purchased a Canon Rebel. It takes amazing pictures and is super quick! I am still in the process of learning to use it as it has lots of options. I am really enjoying it. I am determined to use it in manual setting with ease!!

We also ordered Jackson a new Bruley Bike Trailer and also picked him up a fancy helmet to keep his brains safe too! Justin and I both love to ride bikes and are excited to ride on the weekends as a family. Jackson LOVES being in the trailer. He is not as fond of the helmet but he will get use to it! Once we put him in the trailer for the first time he just started singing! Then he fell asleep. We enjoyed an hour and half ride this morning. There are great trails near our home. Justin has his SUV all set up so we can throw the bikes on top and take off. We are planning to ride most Saturday and Sunday mornings. Justin pulls the trailer. Several times today I heard Justin say... "Dude you are going on a diet." We figure it is about an extra 50 pounds he is pulling. It makes us about even as I am slow as it is!! We are very excited for this new family time hobby. It is also great since we know can spend Saturdays together!!

Unfortunately Jackson has not been feeling well. He has had a fever for about 24 hours but no other symptoms or issues. His fever got to 103.5 today. He seems to be a little better now but slept most of the day so is all out of wack with his naps.

I feel very lucky to have such a handsome little man and big man in my life.

Be sure to watch for lots more pictures as I am so excited for our new camera. Justin loves it too!


Alli Garlich said...

Yeah for a fun weekend! Glad you got a nice camera - you will love it! Sorry Jackson is sick - hope he gets better soon:)

Nem said...

I LOVE the picture of Jackson all snuggled up on your lap, so cute! And, I can't totally hear Justin saying that to Jackson, so funny!