Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

What a great few days here at the Van Gundy home! The weather has been perfect, Jackson has had a blast and we could not be more happy in our new home. It is really starting to set in!

Friday Jackson and Justin joined me and lots of other creatures at my office for a Halloween get together. It is so fun as the group of little people is growing.

Here is a picture of Jackson, Logan and Baby Dalton (along with me, Sara and Kelli).

On Saturday the fun started bright and early and did not stop all day (well almost all day). We attempted to get an H1N1 Flu vaccine for Jackson but the rest of Johnson County, KS was there so we did not wait in line. We then headed around to see some freinds to show off the Monkey Boy! We also went to Home Depot as they were having a Safty Fair (we knew there would be a Fire Truck so we could not pass it up). We were also able to get a Child Identification kit done for Jackson (completing at least one good deed for the day). Jackson saw some other "friends" at Home Depot as well.

Here is a picture with Homer- The Home Depot Mascot (do they really need a mascot?)

Also here is the Chick-Fil-A Cow. Jackson really loves to hug everyone these days.

We later enjoyed some fun time outside in the leaves. Jackson was a huge help to Justin as Justin used his newest toy a leaf blower! Then it was time for nap. Jackson decided he only wanted to take part of his nap in his own bed. He then snuggled on the couch with Justin.

Of course we carved pumpkins! We also enjoyed trick or treating with the Garlichs! Jackson loves Mason and Brody. He also has a special relationship with Alli. He talks about her often. Alli is one of my closest friends who took care of Jackson from the time he was 4 months old to 9 months old when I first went back to work. It is so fun to see! The boys did great trick or treating. Jackson got a sucker at the first house we went to and he sucked on it the rest of the night!! We also purchased a fire pit. So true to my love of bond fires we hang out in the driveway handing out candy to Trick or Treaters by the fire! What a great end to the night!

Mason, Brody, Jackson and Chewy before we headed out to Trick or Treat! Also a family picture.

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