Sunday, November 22, 2009

Visit from Auntie Em and Uncle Bennie


Last weekend Justin's youngest sister and her boyfriend, Ben came to visit us. Jackson really loved having the company. It was great to show Emmie and Bennie our new house and loved spending time with them.

We are preparing for Thanksgiving this week! We are very excited to have Justin's entire family visit our home. We may also have my entire family as well. It should be a fabulous time. We are so lucky to have such great families. I have developed a new respect for my mother. My mom always hosted Thanksgiving at our home for about 20 plus people each year as I was growing up. I never knew how much work went into all the preparing! I have lots of help so I will try not to complain!

Jackson is growing more and more each day. The things he says and figures out amazes us. We still struggle with sleep... but his personality makes up for it. He is talking about pottying all the time, although I know we are not quiet ready. He is also learning how to get things with the help of his step stools, is a con artist able to steal food right off your plate and is sweet as can be as he runs around yelling "Hug" to try to hug everyone including animals.

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Nem said...

Only a kid that cute could get away with being a cookie stealer! We had so much fun with you guys, and can't wait until Thanksgiving!!!