Monday, June 14, 2010

Projects and Thanks

Jackson and Justin have been working on some new projects. Our super fancy birdhouse broke over the weekend so Justin and Jackson built a new one. They also have a new project to build an air plane to hang in Jackson's room. Jackson loves projects.
Also Ben and Emily came to visit and took care of Jackson for a few days while I went to work. Jackson loved the time with them. They also brought Jackson a cool Nebraska shirt from their recent trip! We are very thankful for their help and thoughtfulness!!!
We are sort of back in a routine after our vacation. Jackson is sleeping a bit better. Over the next few weeks Justin will be traveling a lot so Jackson and I have will get to hang out and do some fun Mommy and Jackson time. Justin will be traveling to Denver, Seattle, Detroit and Dallas all in the next 6 weeks! I will be heading out to Baltimore to visit our newest niece, Baby Zoey. Prayers for safe travels for our family and some quality time when we can get it!

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