Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big Boy, Big Bed, Big Trouble

Jackson was officially 2 and a half on July 4th!! He recently learned to get out of his crib so we knew it was time to move him . We decided it would be best to just make a big move and convert his crib into a full size bed. We bought the mattress thinking we would have some time to get his room all set up over the next few weeks... but Jackson just kept talking about building his big boy bed so we went ahead and made the big change this weekend. (This guy loved mattress shopping by the way... he literally jumped form mattress to mattress.)

He really loves his bed. He crawls right up and has not had any hesitation to sleep in his bed. The challenge has become keeping him there. He is a little resistant and knows he can get out if he is not ready to sleep. Bed time is a 45 minute process but we are working on it. The best part is that our whole family can lay in bed with him and say prayers at night and sing songs. He is so very cute in his bed. He just falls asleep in the middle and doesn't move much. As you can see Bubba, Big Al, Big Blankie and Little one along with his bunny all made the transition as well. Tonight he asked me if Chewy could sleep with him. For Chewy's sake I said "no."

No big boy room is complete without a few new decorations. Justin and Jackson recently completed the first addition to Jackson's BIG BOY ROOM with this hand crafted, custom air plane.
I can't believe our little guy is now sleeping in a big boy bed, using the potty and talking in sentences. It is one of those times I just can't believe I am a mom of such a great little guy who is growing up so fast.

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Sara said...

Love it Jen! I am dreading the transition for us, but glad it seems to be going well for you guys!! Miss you!