Saturday, July 31, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Jackson has several favorite things these days. His newest addition is a Pillow Pet- Ribbit. Jackson prefers him as a pillow and not a pet. He has seen the commercials a few times and always asks for one when the commercial is on. The commercials are strategically placed after Thoma the Train episodes- marketing! So while Justin was out of town I caved in and got him one! New purchases without Justin's approval are the best.

Another Favorite is "Big One" which is a big blanket originally given to us by Unkie JJ and Auntie Gretchen. He likes to be covered up at night with this blanket. "Little one" is another blanket, but it is smaller and he cuddles this one. It also must be with him at bedtime. We actually just purchased duplicates of "little one" as it was in the wash one night and he ended up awake at 445 in pure fear about where it was.

The next item is his book. This book was given to us by Mimi Peggy. This was actually one of Justin's favorite books as a child. Jackson calls it his "alphabet book" as it has the alphabet at the beginning and we sing it every night. We do a few pages each night pointing out our favorite items.... owls, tractors and various other things.

He has a big attachment to these items. It is so very sweet and he is such a routine guy. When he gets up in the morning we have to take big one, little one and ribbit with us to cuddle on the couch and drink our morning milk. Justin was commenting it is getting hard to carry Jackson and all his favorites around at the same time.

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