Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lots to Celebrate!

This week we celebrated our 3rd wedding Anniversary and today we celebrate Justin's 32nd Birthday! He is so mature these days! Justin actually is so busy at work this week and working late tonight!!! We have so much to celebrate and feel so lucky. Justin planned a fabulous evening out on the town for us. We had 24 hours together without Jackson! He was in great hands with his Mimi Peggy and Auntie Em while we were away. Justin and I went to Lydia's (our favorite) and then went to the Argosy Casino. It was so fun and something totally different. The next day we went to the Chiefs game with some good friends! It was so fun to be out and about, we missed Jackson and were glad to see him when we finally got home!

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Alli Garlich said...

cute pictures - I especially like the guy in the background climbing in the truck:) Glad you guys had a fun weekend!