Sunday, November 16, 2008

Silly Day

We enjoyed a day together around home which is so nice with all the craziness these days. A few funny stories.

Nap- Just when we think Jackson is getting the hang of naps- he tricks us again. He has been falling asleep OK for most naps and now is starting to have a hard time again. He even is having a hard time at night. Last night he was dancing in his crib until I heard a THUD- he just fell over inside his crib. So he was screaming and I had to go in there to calm him down. We call it unauthorized dance moves in bed- he calls it his delay of game (aka bedtime). He also is crabby right when he wakes up form his naps but then is ready to play into the night! We commonly say "crazy baby" in our home. With the most love that is!

Justin is Lazy- He will agree and will not be offended. Tonight was Taco Nite and I realized I forgot shredded cheese. I asked Justin to run to the store. But instead of ruining to the store which is 100 yards from our home, he decided to shred Jackson's 1/2 inch by 1/2 cheese cubes of cheese with our cheese shredder. He was so proud of himself! Resourceful yes!

Jackson's Christmas list- Justin I have listed the below as Jackson's most desired products- Please be on the look out on Black Friday!

Bunch of Cords

Pile of Leaves


Dog that he can grab

Empty boxes


cell phones

roll of toilet paper

We spend most of the day diverting him! Hopefully with Christmas we will find him some new toys!
That is it for us! Just random thoughts for the day!


Life is Good said...

HA! Would you be offended if Logan has the same items on his Christmas wish list?? :)

Em said...

Jen, you are so funny! I love reading the play-by-play of your days :)